Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Children Paintings and Illustrations

"Paper Crane" acrylic on canvas

"Fireflies"  acrylic on canvas

 "Where the Wind Blows"  acrylic on canvas

"Cry Me a River"
ink and water colours on paper

Untitled acrylic on canvas

"Birth of Spring"
ink and water colours on paper

Colour studies 
and little bonnets 

Page from "She Shopping with Dad" 
ink and water colours

Page from "Shoe Shopping with Dad"

Girl and Her Phone

"Tired of Winter"
ink and water colour pencils on brown paper

Classy Ladies drawings and paintings

I just had to add Rose to the 
Classy Ladies club
{as you can also see her in the Hand Printing section}

Mixed Media Illustrations

"In My Hands..." 

"Where is My Spectacles"


"Skipper in Wild Seas"

"Simple Pleasures" 

"Birds Cry"

"Hour Glass"